David Hansen

David Hansen is the Senior Curator of Art at the Tasmanian Museum and Art gallery


Between Phenomena
curated by Raymond Arnold Plimsoll Gallery Centre for the Arts Hobart 30 March - 22 April 2001
E-volution of New Media
Spatial Shamanism
It is a brief sober guide to certain spatial (and therefore sculptural) behaviours as initially identified and described by Bronte Edwards, Commander in Chief of the Art Army.
Dimensions: Sculpture in Australia
Captain Oates' Last Words
Art institutions are beginning to welcome Outsiders in. But there seems to be a little uncertainty in the art world as to the specifics of the Other guest list: enterprises such as this Artlink special issue are a means of establishing the canon, of packaging the concept.
Naive & Outsider Art
Ann Newmarch has recently confronted and embraced the problems of ageing a project she calls 'Anti Medusa/Risking Fifty'.
The Face
Coming Round the Mountain: Excursive Sight
Exhibtion Review Coming Round the Mountain: Excursive Sight Plimsoll Gallery, Centre for the Arts University of Tasmania Hobart 17 January - 1 February 1998
Public Art in Australia
The TMAG Commissions 1998
Here at the end of the twentieth century, the world is having to come to terms with the socio-political, economic and environmental legacies of nineteenth century imperialism. Contemporary art participates in this post colonial discourse: issues of ancestry and inheritance, relations between indigenous and settler peoples, national and imperial mythology, mapping and borders, migration and language, ecology and exploitation - these are increasingly familiar themes.
Mining the Archive
Cementa NAVA Country Arts SA Unley Museum