Jeff Khan

Jeff Khan is a Melbourne based writer and is currently Communications Co-ordinator at Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces


Living Together is Easy
National Gallery of Victoria: Ian Potter Centre, Melbourne 27 August - 7 November 2004 Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito, Japan 24 January - 28 March 2004 Curated by Jason Smith and Eriko Osaka
Handmade: The New Labour
Fakery and Fabrication in Photomedia
A series of photographs, still images from Monika Tichaceks 2002 video/performance work Lineage of the Divine, were exhibited in Japan in Supernatural Artificial, an exhibition of nine contemporary Australian photomedia artists. Tichacek exploits a heightened intimacy between viewer and work to construct complex and ambiguous scenarios that simultaneously delight, unsettle and confound.
Hybrid World
NAVA Cementa Country Arts SA Unley Museum