Sim Tan


Support for Art in Malaysia
A critique of a culture of self-congratulation where there is no place for critical feedback, institutions are not scrutinised and standards are low, where criticism is greeted with hostility. The major art school is lavishly funded but authoritarian and there are no checks and balances on lecturing staff. Art museum shows are poor, corruption is evident in some places. Artists suffer from neglect and have little support for their practice.
Contemporary Arts of the Region: SE Asia & Australia
Looking to Origins: Mastura Abdul Rahman
Mastura Abdul Rahman is a Malaysian Islamic woman artist and draws on the tradition of SE Asian woven textiles in the very precise ordering of her compositions which depict the arrangement of traditional Malay houses seen from above. Traditional head and breast cloths are ritual objects of great potency with the power to kill the weaver who makes a mistake in the design. To the initiated the paintings embody some of the same aura.
Contemporary Arts of the Region: SE Asia & Australia
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