Richard (Dick) Kimber

Dick Kimber is a researcher and writer on Aboriginal art and culture in Alice Springs and one of the foremost authorities on Western Desert artists


Y.Y. Gibson Tjungurrayi
A tribute to the Pintupi painter Yala Yala Gibbs Tjungurrayi born c.1928 in the region of Kintore and died in 1998. He was a strongly traditional man and after migrating to Papunya he was encouraged by Geoff Bardon to take up painting. His works, mainly the Tingari stories to do with the ceremonial stories of ancestral men, were acquired by collections in Australia and internationally.
Reconciliation: Indigenous art for the 21st Century
M.N. Tjapaltjarri
A tribute to Mick Namarari Tjapaltjarri born c.1926 in Pintupi country and who died in 1998. He lived in Papunya and was encouraged by Geoff Bardon to start painting and was a member of the Papunya Tula Artists Company. By 1991 when he won the National Aboriginal Art Award his works were being acquired by national collections and many other collectors.
Reconciliation: Indigenous art for the 21st Century
Dimensions - Ground Painting in Papunya
Extensive examination of the women's ground painting created at Tandanya (National Aboriginal Cultural Centre) for the Adelaide Festival in 1990.
Dimensions: Sculpture in Australia
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