Yao Souchou

Yao Souchou is an anthropologist and teaches cultural studies of contemporary China at the Unversity of Sydney. He is the author of Confucian Capitalism: Discourse, Practice and the Myth of Chinese Enterprise (Routledge 2002), and Singapore: the State and the Culture of Excess to be published by Hong Kong University Press.


Two Faces of Contemporary Art in China
In these days of 'Theory', innovative curatorial practice calls for a certain empirical discipline; by revealing the arts subtle and yet detectable connections with the social world. Having established this position, Souchou looks at the controversial performance work of Chinese artist Zhang Huan; a practice which displays a confronting yet contemplative look at the relationship between people and society in a post-Mao and contemporary China. An ongoing process of losing oneself in order to understand the effects of cultural and material life, and to animate the desire for release.
The China Phenomenon
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