Christine Morrow


Trevor “Turbo” Brown and company

Vivid and arresting paintings of Australian wildlife are the hallmark of an artist known mononymously as Turbo. Born Trevor Brown (1967–2017) in Mildura, he took up painting in his mid‑thirties after he had relocated to Melbourne. He rapidly gained critical and commercial attention for works using a quick and direct application of pure colour, bursting with raw energy, and featuring a varied cast of native fauna. So exclusive—obsessive, even—was his portrayal of animals that there arose a kind of origin story explaining his single‑mindedness: “Uncle Herb [P]atten, the man he loves as a father, once asked Brown why he only painted animals. He replied that when he was fifteen and living on the Mildura streets and the Murray River bank, the animals were his only friends.” Other explanations Turbo gave for his choice of subject matter included, “Animals are my friends. They come to me in my dreams” and “When I paint, I feel like I’m in the Dreamtime and can see all the animals that live there.”

Considering the Animals
Brisbane Offers Plenty of Space
Brisbane has been and continues to be well served by artist run spaces and access galleries, particularly in the last 2 years 1993-1994. Can there ever be an over supply? Looks at Dogget Street Studios, QAA, Metro Arts, Inkahoots, Loading Bay, Isn't Studios and Fireworks Gallery.
The Art of Survival
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