Steve Fox

Steve Fox has been the Coordinator of Maruku Arts at Uluru (Ayers Rock) since 1997


Just Really Out There
Steve Fox's job involves regular 1400km round trips from Uluru to some of the most remote communities in Australia. He reports on a typical four-day excursion in the Maruku troopcarrier.
Letter From Arnhem Land Where All the Real Art's Supposed To Be
"How many people still think that up north or in the centre is the only place for real Aboriginal art. You know when you work with it, selling it, buying it, you hear it all the time."
Contemporary Australian Aboriginal Art
Things I've Seen a Little Different Along the Way - Stories from Up North
"If you are real lucky you got CDEP or your are making it selling your art and then you got a good art centre too, maybe. If you are real lucky just when you turn up with a couple of week's art production, maybe yours, maybe the families, the centre's got cash, no one's a bastard, everyone's happy, the store has even got some decent food, even new bikes, toy guns, tape decks and a few tins of Log Cabin. Shit, life's good - sometimes anyway." A personal view of art making in indigenous communities.
The Art of Survival
Samstag NAVA Bendigo Art Gallery Stockroom Kyneton