Nikki Miller

Nikki Miller works as an art consultant ith Art Support Pty Ltd in Perth


Public Art Boom in Western Australia: It is the edges that make it interesting
The difficulties of public art are universally acknowledged - they are the same across state and national borders and usually result in compromised solutions - however if they are to be considered more as collaborative efforts between artist and community rather than works of 'art' the outcomes become interesting. Millers article addresses this notion through a discussion of recent Western Australian public art programs and in particular the achievements of ArtSource, an employment agency for visual artists. Key figures in this text are Brian McKay, Ahmad Abas, Tony McClure, Jon Tarry, John Elkington, Linnea Glatt and Michael Singer.
Sculpture and Cities
SameDifference: 04 Biennale of Electronic Arts, Perth (BEAP)
SameDifference 04 Biennale of Electronic Arts, Perth (BEAP). Director: Paul Thomas DistributedDifference: Cultures of Conflict The Bank, Midland, Perth, 10 Sept -12 Nov. Curator: Jeremy Blank. SonicDifference: Resounding the World The Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery, Fremantle, 9 Sept  10 Oct. Curator: Nigel Helyer. Drift Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, 26 Aug -26 Sept. Curator: Bec Dean.
Hybrid World
Carol Rudyard
Exhibition review Point of View: Carol Rudyard selected works 1968 -1992 Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery Perth Western Australia 29 January - 28 March 1993
Dimensions: Sculpture in Australia
Absence of Evidence - Fremantle Art Centre
Exhibition review Absence of Evidence Fremantle Arts Centre Western Australia 15 May - 26 June 1994
Sydney: The Big Shift
Country Arts SA Cementa Unley Museum NAVA