Mark Thomson

Mark Thomson is the Advanced Research Director of the slightly prestigious Australian Institute of Backyard Studies in Adelaide South Australia. He is the author of a number of best selling books on backyard culture and everyday creativity such as Blokes and Sheds, Rare Trades and Meat, Metal and Fire.


Unpacking 'Il Cretino Veloci' or 'The Fast Idiot'
Thomson pays tribute to an increasing minority of Australians devalued for getting their hands in the mucky stuff. As he proclaims ...people who make things with their hands for a living are seen as a hopeless anachronism rooted to the ground. In an age where the majority of the Australian population now work in what are termed the service industries, the ability to apply ones motor skills are making for a society who rarely needs to use those funny slabs of flesh at the end of our arms.
Handmade: The New Labour
Blokes and Sheds
Images and text by Mark Thomson from his recent book 'Blokes and Sheds'.
Men's Business: Masculinities Reflected
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