Linda Carroli

Linda Carroli is a Brisbane-based writer, strategic spatial planner and consultant, working with Harbinger Consultants on community, consultation and cultural projects. Her recent works include Long Time, No See?, a collaborative and interdisciplinary new media arts project exploring futuring, and Fieldworking, a topological writing project investigating public space. Her ongoing research focuses on infrastructure, governance and complexity.


Relational acts: Art, commoning and sustainability
Linda Carroli on creative practices that contribute to ‘the commons’
Writing on the Net: Nodes and Hypertext
Many new media works contribute to the field of hypertext despite not being concerned with the literary. Corroli refers to Adrian Miles who likes to 'think of hypertext as being primarily about links and nodes and their relations, which may or may not privilege words'. This topic is examined using examples where hypertext has become a primary focus such as the partnering of eWRe, trAce Online Writing Centre and ANAT who developed a series of online writing residencies in the late 1990s. Artists also discussed: Anne Walton, Francesca da Rimini, Sally Pryor, Diane Caney and Robin Petterd.
E-volution of New Media
The Campfire Group
The Campfire Group is an independent cultural enterprise where Indigenous and cross-cultural perspectives provide the organising principles. This article talks briefly of Balance 1990, the first exhibition held by The Campfire Group, open to Murris and whitefellas alike with curatorial efforst by Michael Eather, Marlene Hall and Marshall Bell. The diversity of Campfire Group's projects over the past few years is testimony to its members ability to transform and reinvent artistic practices and introduce those practices to new audiences. Carrolli looks at the various projects, both local and international, which have contributed to the success of the transitional authorial figure that the Campfire Group has come to be.
Critical Mass: The New Brisbane
Threadbare With Flare in the 90s
In July 1997, the Queensland Government launched its youth arts policy 'Your Culture-- Your Move' which targets the development of cultural activities and artistic practice for young people and emerging artists.
Emerging Artists
Respirare: Sebastion Di Mauro
Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane June 3 - 26
NAVA Unley Museum Cementa