The Palmer Sculpture Biennial

The Palmer Sculpture Biennial is a characteristically transient, remote art event that takes place in the Mount Lofty Ranges of South Australia, some 70 kilometres east of Adelaide. Led by sculptor Greg Johns, who purchased the 163‑hectare property of rain‑shadow country at Palmer in 2001, it has become a place for artistic nomads, who converge on the landscape to create ephemeral and site‑specific art. This unique art event that takes place every two years is aligned with an ongoing program of land regeneration, supported by a community of artists and environmentalists.

Shen Shaomin's Bonsai
University of Chicago Professor Wu Hung analyses Sydney and Beijing-based Shen Shaomin's Bonsai series as seen at the MCA for the 2010 Biennale of Sydney as "uncovering secrets".
Confluent Forms: Ariel Hassan recent work
Biotech artist Niki Sperou unpacks at the curious art practice of Adelaide and Berlin-based Ariel Hassan who uses science, philosophy and politics as well as paint, canvas and polyurethane foam to make work embodying action, reaction and the connectivity between all things.
100KM Artworks: Fiona MacDonald's Local Studies
Senior Lecturer at the Power Institute, University of Sydney, Catriona Moore writes bout the recent work of Fiona MacDonald in terms of its connections to locality and history.
Stop the Moats: Recent work by Cecile Williams and Nick Mangan
Adjunct Professor at RMIT Kevin Murray contrasts the idea of Australians as xenophobic 'moat' people with the idea of 'poor craft' which uses detritus to alchemically create a new preciousness.
Renew Adelaide pilot: 2 wheels good
Zine publisher and educator Dr Ianto Ware is the Project Manager of Renew Adelaide, an urban renewal clone of Marcus Westbury's Renew Newcastle, in which the 'definition of creativity has to be broad enough to encompass the wide fields of socially innovative activity that simply doesn't fit elsewhere.'
Paul Greenaway: Energy Synergy
Habitual browsers of a leading internet art site, accustomed to an absence of Australian content, would have been startled in February of this year, to observe a prominent reference to Australian art at Madrid's ARCO. For Paul Greenaway, Director of Greenaway Art Gallery in Adelaide, and motivated by a desire to redress the lack of international awareness of contemporary Australian art, it marked the culmination of seven years of lobbying to have Australia designated the focus nation at the Spanish contemporary art fair.
Turning Artists into Subcontractors: The Artworkers Alliance
An enormous pair of demonstrative hands, one lying supplicant the other pointing metaphorically skywards as a physical reminder to 'look to the heavens' past the encroaching skyscrapers at the over-reaching great sky, is the latest addition to the Brisbane CBD streetscape.