Lisa Havilah

Lisa Havilah is the Director of Cambelltown Arts Centre in Western Sydney


Editorial: Diaspora
Last week, I was standing in front of a man called Daryl who has lived in the Campbelltown suburb of Minto for 20 years. I saw him dance some of the story of his life.
Artists want catalogues
Campbelltown Arts Centre Director Lisa Havilah writes about the crucial importance of catalogues to artists. Famous Chinese artist Ai Weiwei had his first international survey exhibition at Campbelltown in partnership with Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation. The incentive for Ai Weiwei was that a 2,000 print run book on his art would be published.
Changing Climates in Arts Publishing
Counter Culture - Emerging Cultural Fusion @ < Project >
< Project > in its current physical form as a regional arts centre profiles emerging curators, artists, administrators and writers. Currently based in Wollongong which is located 40 minutes drive south of Sydney, it has a cultural energy that surfaces from the fusion of over 80 identified ethnic groups.
Emerging Artists
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