Melissa Cater


The Art World: More Than a Foothold
Australian women artists still see grey skies when they look out of their studio windows. This study examines the experiences of women in the hierarchical Australian contemporary art scene.
Art & the Feminist Project
The End of an Era? Artists' Week 1994 Adelaide Festival
Artists were left out in the cold at the 1994 Festival of Arts. Examines issues facing organisers of events such as Artist's week in the context of the Adelaide Festival of Arts.
The Art of Survival
Contemporary History in the Making - Casula Powerhouse
Reconciliation, redevelopment and community involvement have transformed a Sydney power station into a regional arts centre - Liverpool Power Station.
Sydney: The Big Shift
Joan Kerr: Sydney Scholar
Joan Kerr rewrites Australian art history to gain a better understanding of the present. Her ambitious projects question who wrote what, how and about whom. Discussion of 'Heritage: The National Women's Art Book'. Photograph of Joan Kerr in the article.
Sydney: The Big Shift
Struggling to be Seen
Looks at two exhibitions 'Perspecta 1997: Between Art and Nature' at the Art Gallery of New South Wales curated by Victoria Lynn and 'Primavera: The Belinda Jackson Exhibition of Young Artists' curated by Rea at the Museum of Contemporary Art, in the context of assisting young and emerging artists.
Emerging Artists
Cementa Unley Museum NAVA