Christen Cornell


Shen Shaomin: The day after tomorrow
The Day After Tomorrow is Chinese-Australian Shen Shaomin’s first solo show in Australia in ten years. His visions of a warped natural world tap into anxieties about civilisation’s ghastly effects. “The space for our lives is shrinking,” Shen said in a recent interview. “The world is more and more dangerous because of the way that we live our lives.”
Disaster & Fortitude
Contemporary Chinese Art
Christen Cornell manages Local Consumption Publications and 'Artspace China' a blog on contemporary Chinese culture. Currently undertaking a PhD at the University of Sydney on China's contemporary art districts her article outlines the very latest developments in this volatile field.
Art & Surveillance
Old Categories, New Frameworks: Asia-Australia
Writer, researcher and arts manager Christen Cornell studies the way China is now much more of a player on the international art curcuit than Australia and what it means to young Chinise-Australian artists.
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