Claude Willey

Claude Willey is an artist, urbanist and educator in the Urban Studies and Planning Department at California State University, Northridge. Willey is coordinator of the MOISTURE project in the Mojave Desert and co-creator of Invisible Trajectories: Passing Through the Inland Empire for the CCH/ California Story Fund


Conducting Mobility
Artists thinking and making work about fuel span the globe and delve into a wide range of ramifications. UK-based PLATFORM have done a multi-pronged report called Unraveling the Carbon Web on four oil-producing hot spots, Iraq, Nigeria, Russia and the Caucasus. Chicago-based Laurie Palmers Notions of Expenditure solicits renderings of exercise equipment and gyms redesigned for the production of electricity. Brian Collier wanders the edges of Illinois highways to locate thriving non-human life forms. kanarinka documented her running of the official evacuation route out of Boston while collaborators Kim Stringfellow, Amy Balkin, Tim Halbur, Pond and Greenaction made an audio guide for a Californian highway drawing its military, residential and agricultural stories together.
Fuel for Thought
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