Norie Neumark

Norie Nuemark teaches Media Arts at UTS. A practising media artist, she works as part of Out-of-Sync ( She co-edited At a Distance: Precursors t Arts an Activism on the Internet (MIT, 2005)


Review: Visible Language magazine on Fluxus
Review of two special issues of Visible Language magazine Vol 39 no 3 'Fluxus and Legacy' (2005) and Vol 40 no 1 'Fluxus after Fluxus' (2006), guest- edited by Ken Friedman and Owen Smith. The publications evaluate the ongoing life of Fluxus as an idea including what Nicolas Bourriaud's Relational Aesthetics owes to it. Fluxus 'scores' by Alison Knowles, Yoko Ono, and Vuc Cosic.
The Word As Art
Samstag NAVA Bendigo Art Gallery Australian Body Art Festival