Neil Fettling

Neil Fettling is an Artist and Senior Lecturer in the School of Visual Arts and Design at La Trobe University, Mildura campus. He participated in a residency at Ateneo de Manila University in the Phillippines in 2006/2007


Hired hands: the Filipino collaborations of David Griggs
Neil Fettling asks; 'Why does an Australian-based artist like David Griggs, living and working in the first world, have such strong connections with a third world community, and how do these linkages affect his work?' and answers this question through an analysis of Griggs' recent art as well as comparing it to the work of Pat Hoffie and Wim Delvoye.
After the Missionaries
Regional Art: Theorising the regions

This article seeks to challenge regional communities away from the self-prophesying defeatism of whingers from the bush towards a concept of growing communities. The arts have an intrinsic contribution to make within the chosen future. Fettling discusses this with reference to globalisation, de-centred cultural and ethnic hybridization and individuality. Featured artists include Megan Jones, Andrew McDonald, Janet Gallagher, Vicki Reynolds, Danielle Hobbs, Chris Booth, Craig Christie, Rodney Spooner, Michael Doneman, Motoyuki Niwa and Lee Salomone.

Reflection: 20th Anniversary Issue
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