Michael Beckmann

Michael Beckmann is Head of Access, Education and Regional Services at the Queensland Art Gallery, where he is also curator of the children´┐Żs exhibition program. He was recently awarded a Gordon Darling Travel Grant to study gallery programs for children in the United States.


Engaging a Young Audience at the Queensland Art Gallery
The Queensland Art Gallery's recent series of exhibitions aimed specifically at young children represents a dramatic shift in many of Australias leading art galleries to create a more stimulating and interactive space for children to visit. For children to be involved with the material present, the design of each exhibition is a critical factor with the height of an artwork being altered to allow children to easily view it, as well as the way the artwork is arranged in the space and importantly the use of colour. Some of the childrens exhibitions which have been held by the Queensland Art Gallery are located through this text, including a day at the beach, the Kid's APT and animals who think they are people.
Art and Childhood
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