Edward Hanfling

Edward Hanfling is a doctoral candidate at the University of Auckland, where he as also taught in the Art history department. His research interests include New Zealand abstract painting and modernism. In 2003 he co-curated the exhibition, 'Vuletic and his Circle', on 1970's abstract artists associated with outspoken and controversial art dealer, Petar Vuletic


Enchantment/Disenchantment: The 2nd Auckland Triennial
The generic theme for the 2nd Auckland Triennial Public/Private sought to address central issues concerned with the relationship of the visual art scene to that of the everyday life (to banality), the potential or otherwise of new technologies to engage with the conditions of modern society and the ability of art to deal in specific ideas of a social and political nature. Furthermore in bringing together artists projects that are cross-cultural and transgenerational, the curatorial aim was to make connections which would intensify the privacy debate. Edward Hanfling examines some of these works with regards to such issues and concerns.
Shopping & Extreme Pleasures
NAVA Samstag Stockroom Kyneton Bendigo Art Gallery