Vivienne Binns


Culture as Transformation: ARX
Artist's regional exchange (ARX). Events such as ARX in Perth are rare and potentially of such value for me that, although not a participating artist this time, I was determined to travel from the east to attend. Four views on the exchange See also the articles by Ian Howard, Anne Kirker and Adrian Jones in this issue of Artlink.
Art and the Economy
A Brief History of an Arts Practice in community contexts
To construct a brief history of Vivienne BinnsÕ art practice and reflections, what follows is a series of quotations from previous interviews and lectures. Her formal art traiing is included as it is an important element in the way Vivienne sees her art practice strategically relating to high culture and excellence, low culture, community and feminism
Community Arts
Neoterica Samstag NAVA Bendigo Art Gallery Australian Body Art Festival