Noel Sheridan


Mildura - The Watershed for Sculpture: 1975 Destablising Old Canons
...It was therefore inevitable that by 1975 Tom McCullough's Mildura Sculpturescape would attract an increasing number of artists doing installation, process, earth and other forms of art that emerged when sculpture, as it were, left the pedestal, moved around the room and went outside.
Dimensions: Sculpture in Australia
Mom's Long Arms: The Art Institution Reaches Out
Art and Design Education A letter from Noel Sheridan to the editor Stephanie Britton. One of the main reasons for coming to Perth (Western Australia) was to get away from art education...
Art & Education
Aboriginal Art Exhibitions in Western Australia
Review The Festival of Perth presented two major exhibitions of Western Australian Aboriginal art Bush Women at the Fremantle Arts Centre and This is my country at the exciting new exhibition venue 'Artplace' in Claremont.
The Art of Survival
Unley Museum Cementa NAVA