Fotis Kapetopoulos


Culture Without Limits: a reflection of art, politics, and shabby nationalism
In this article Kapetopoulos reflects on the watersheds which reinforce her attachment to multiculturalism. The watersheds are the works of certain artists involved with Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV) and the rise of One Nation. The artists Kapetopoulos writes about are: Yumi Umiumare, Tina Yong and Sung Ping; Charito Saldana; Renato Cuocolo and his innovative theatre company IRAA; Emmanuel Santos and Sandor Matos.
Reflection: 20th Anniversary Issue
Theatre Oneiron Crosses Cultural Bridges
Theatro Oneiron (Theatre of Dreams) a Greek Australian performance ensemble established in Adelaide in the mid 1980s is the result of dedication and vision. Photo from production of 'The Courtyard of Miracles' 1991 included in the article.
Arts in a Multicultural Australia
A Dialogue with Richard Grayson
Exhibition review An Interrupted Dialogue. One of the first international experimental art exhibitions to be shown outside Hungary since the end of World War 2. Grayson worked with Suzy Meszoly of the Soros Fine Art Documentation Centre of Budapest in 1988 during the time when changes were sweeping through Central Europe.
Museums on the Edge
Collaboration - Zhou Xiaoping and Jimmy Pike
Chinese Australian artist Zhou Xiaoping and Aboriginal artist Jimmy Pike exhibit collaborative works in China later in 1996. The author discusses Zhou's new work and his collaboration with Jimmy Pike.
Indigenous Arts of the Pacific
Bendigo Art Gallery NAVA Samstag