Helen Ross


Curtin University Connects with Singapore
Curtin University developed ties with Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand since its foundation in the sixties, initially through Engineering and Business and then through the Design School spearheaded by artist-lecturers Nola Farman, Paum Gaunt and Head of Design John Teschendorff. Frequent visits and exchanges and enrolling Asian students have all helped the School of Art there to identify as a South East Asian art school.
Contemporary Arts of the Region: SE Asia & Australia
Facets of the Self
Review of the 'About Face' exhibition: Angela Stewart and Jenny Loverock. The last 15 years has seen portraiture rise to particular importance in relation to the politics of representation, particularly self representation by women.
The Face
Furniture Design in Western Australia
The present era of contemporary Western Australian furniture design can be thought of as beginning under the influence of David Foulkes-Taylor (1956 until his death in 1966).
Australian Design
NAVA Cementa AMaGA Unley Museum