Artlink is a themed magazine on contemporary art and ideas from Australia and the Asia-Pacific.

The publisher, Artlink Australia, is based in Adelaide, South Australia, with offices in the Adelaide Central School of Art, Glenside Cultural Precinct. 

The magazine was founded in 1981 by Stephanie Britton with seed funding provided by the South Australian Department for the Arts. Originally produced as a bi-monthly 20-page black-and-white newsletter by Art Link Incorporated, the magazine was run by a committee that included representatives of the Experimental Art Foundation, the Contemporary Art Society, the SA School of Art Student Union, the Women's Art Movement, and the Friends of the Art Gallery of South Australia.

From 1986, the magazine assumed a national profile with the appointment of regional editors, leading up to the dissolution of Art Link Incorporated and the formation of Artlink Australia in 1994. From 1988, Artlink has been published as a quarterly magazine, with the introduction of themed special issues from 1989. Since 2010, Artlink Australia has published an annual Indigenous issue, promoting the work of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, writers and editors.

In 2014, founding editor Stephanie Britton stepped down from the role of Executive Editor after publishing 145 issues in just over 33 years. Eve Sullivan was Executive Editor of Artlink Australia July 2014-February 2021. Eve made a significant contribution to publishing on contemporary art and ideas in Australia and the Asia-Pacific and continued a tradition of excellence in her time at Artlink.

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