Thinking Craft, Crafting Thought

Thinking Craft, Crafting Thought

Vol 12 no 2, 1992

A special issue which in arguing the old art/ craft debate is proposing usable theories for practice. What is the future for craft? Re-evaluating 'women's work', craft, science and technology. Reviews

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Two Countries, One Weave?

Artist: Ms Kerry Giles Kurwingie, feature

Written with Phillip (Piri) Everett Over the last year Tandanya (National Aboriginal Cutural Institute) has received much bad publicity but is carrying on and slowly and steadily making history. It opened in 1989 with celebrations featuring Ernabella Inma and Yothu Yindi. Includes photographs of indigenous women at weaving workshops in the South East of South Australia at Camp Coorong Cultural Centre.

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