Food Bowl

Cover of Food Bowl

Artlink’s annual Indigenous edition plays a unique role in making accessible new writing on Indigenous arts and culture, giving it an edge over other art magazines. Guest editors provide insider perspectives that the more establishment institutions or market forces are not in the position to deliver.

Ian McLean
Hugh Ramsay Chair, University of Melbourne

Current Issue | Issue 39:4 | December 2019

In times of plenty, scarcity and global rethinking of sustainable models for production and consumption, we consider ways that visual artists work the food chain and champion the art of food, cooking and degustation. Privileging diverse forms of cultural knowledge, and the agency of First Nations Australians, food-led reconciliation is a core focus of this issue.

Detail: Bunha-bunhanga: Aboriginal Agriculture in the South-East curated by Jonathan Jones for Tarnanthi Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strrait Islander Art, 2019. Installation view, Art Gallery of South Australia. Photo: Saul Steed

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