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Subject: reconciliation

The following issues cover this subject.

Indigenous: Blackground

Guest co-editors Carly Lane and Glenn Iseger-Pilkington

The fourth issue of Artlink Indigenous will turn its gaze to Indigenous lived experience and its salience to contemporary Indigenous art. The co-editors Carly Lane and Glenn Iseger-Pilkington write: "Sharing these experiences is pi... More »

Browse vol 34 no 2 | June 2014 | Purchase back issue

Blak on blak

Political, satirical, hard-hitting art by blak artists around Australia is assessed and discussed by blak writers. Brought to prominence by the collective ProppaNOW in Brisbane, these works challenge ignorance and racism through deadly blak humour, irony and parody. Queensland, known in the 1980s as... More »

Browse Vol 30 no 1, 2010 | Purchase back issue

After the Missionaries: art in a bilateral world

After the Missionaries, guest edited by Kevin Murray, explores how new art today reflects the critically important process of the Kyoto Protocol. As a conversation between North and South, the Protocol acknowledges that the rich countries have responsibility for the current excess of carbon in the a... More »

Browse vol 29 no 2, 2009 | Purchase back issue

The South Issue: New Horizons

Beyond the well-trodden Northern Hemisphere centres, Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists in South Africa, Chile, the Maldives, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore and Australia establish an idea of South which goes beyond geography, extending old boundaries and ideas through dialogue, collaboration a... More »

Browse vol 27 no 2, 2007 | Purchase back issue

Art History: Go Figure

Art History: Go Figure reconfigures Australian art history. While linear visions of heroic artists are often presented in art galleries, university teachers, researchers and other scholars are uncovering and disseminating a much more multi-faceted vision of Australian art history. The absence of Ind... More »

Browse Vol 26 no 1, 2006 | Purchase back issue


Polemical essays in Stirring address the 'white thing' of Indigenous art, the track record of AbaF (Australian Business and the Arts Foundation), the challenge to traditional printmaking from the new giclee (inkjet) technology, the Australia Council and Howardism. We also take a look at the internat... More »

Browse Vol 25 no 3, 2005 | Purchase back issue


Remote is an exploration in texts and images of the cultures of the remote areas of Australia - the Top End and the Centre. It looks at the visual arts production of both Indigenous and whitefella artists across the whole region and is going to be a very significant landmark in documenting the new ... More »

Browse Vol 25 no 2, 2005 | Purchase back issue

Art & the Spirit

Wide-ranging responses to issues of spirituality in the visual arts. Looks at the role of indigenous art and its relationship to land. Examines significant contemporary exhibitions addressing art and the spirit. ... More »

Browse Vol 18 no 1, 1998 | Sold Out

Looking at the Republic

Visualising Australia in the lead up to the new Millennium and a possible Republic. How will Australia re-present itself to the region? Icons and logos of Australia, a new flag, sport and porn, art for a banana republic. ... More »

Browse Vol 17 no 3, 1997 | Purchase back issue

Contemporary Australian Aboriginal Art

Classic groundbreaking double issue. Reprinted by demand. Looks at traditions in evolution, the role of Art in the survival of the culture, the art market and legal issues, the issues faced by artists working in isolation, indigenous film, video and radio, with a wide range of individual artists pro... More »

Browse Vol 10 nos 1&2, 1990 | Purchase back issue

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