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Future issues

Issue 37:1 | March 2017
Data Visual 
(Guest editor: Ian Milliss)
This edition looks at data visualisation in its many forms, both within the visual arts and other disciplines. It examines structures of knowledge that are for the most part invisible, managed by equally invisible algorithms. As big data has grown, data visualisation has developed as a way for us to understand, navigate and interact with these complex dimensions of reality. It profiles works by artists and data specialists who use data as part of their practice, for diverse educational, exhibition and presentation outcomes in physical, virtual and screen spaces.

Issue 37:2 | June 2017 
 (Guest editors:  Margo Neale and Megan Tamati-Quennell)

This edition of Artlink Indigenous aims to discuss cross-cultural exchange in the work of Aboriginal artists from Australia, Oceania, Africa and the Americas. It builds on ideas raised in the 2015 edition, Artlink Indigenous Global 35:2 (editors Djon Mundine OAM and Daniel Browning), in recognising shared concerns to do with tradition, innovation and modernity, viewed through the reality-based thinking of living cultures.

Case studies: Africa, Oceania and the Americas in consultation with the research cluster Multiple Modernisms: 20th Century Modernisms in Global Perspective that last met in June 2016, University of Witwatersrand, Cape Town. 

General trends analysis and Australian/NZ components.

Artlink welcomes proposals for writing and information on associated projects and exhibition programs that relate to forthcoming themed issues.

Issue 37:3 | September 2017

Focus on anxiety, arts and mental health.
Further details TBC

Issue 37:4 | December 2017  
Contemporary art and feminism

Further details TBC